Net Lease

Commercial building inspections thermal infrared imaging
National AssociationCommercial Building Inspectors

With the uncertainty of  and the tightening of requirements by financial lending institutions and the numerous options of Net leasing available to prospective Real Estate investors such as Single net lease, Double net lease, Triple net lease, Bondable lease, Credit tenant lease or even a 1031 Exchange it is increasingly important to protect the financial investment through initial property inspections  also referred to as PCA (Property Condition Assessment) of the major components of commercial  Real Estate.

   NACBI (National Association Commercial Building Inspectors) perform inspections according to The ASTM E 2018 guideline describing commercial standard practices for performing a baseline PCA. The purpose is to identify and communicate physical deficiencies to an end user. The term physical deficiencies means the presence of obvious defects or material deferred maintenance of a commercial property’s material systems, components, or equipment as observed during the inspectors visual inspection. This definition specifically excludes deficiencies that may be remedied with routine maintenance, miscellaneous minor repairs, normal operating maintenance

   Flat roof inspections with Thermal Infrared Imaging for moisture intrusion not visible to the human eye. Performed on site or Aerial

   All mechanical HVAC and plumbing systems can be evaluated according to client request in depth or partial. Sewer line camera scans can be arranged

 Thermal Infrared imaging of all loaded electrical panels can be documented to determine excessive heat and or  overloaded circuits within the electrical panels